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Delfin Vacuum Therapy 5 Cups Butt Lift and Body Sculpting


The Delfin is a vacuum therapy system for Lymphatic drainage. Gluteal buttocks enhancement. Replace Botox with the face lift cup. Eliminate cellulite with the knuckle cup. Move fat from an undesired area of the body to the desired area of the body.


Body Sculpting and buttocks enhancement through the specially designed Delfin 5 Cup Vacuum Therapy medical device also known as Cryotherapy, Cellulite Thermo Therapy, EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation Training) to ensure lasting results.

This therapy is a non-invasive way to enlarge the buttocks. Vacuum therapy mobilizes the fat cells to the desired area while it tightens sagging skin, lifts and plumps up the buttocks. The Cryotherapy and Cellulite Thermo Therapy smooths the cellulite and fatty deposits on your skin. EMS training builds muscle tissue and strengthens the buttocks.

Often it is said about the enhancement of buttocks “that it works or not, its effect is temporary; or that the result depends only on the application of invasive devices; such as hyaluronic acid or silicones.”

Now with the innovative technology of the Delfin Vacuum Therapy Lifting System, we can guarantee visible and lasting results.

  • Butt lift
  • Face lift
  • Breast lift
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Sports massage
  • Body relaxation
  • Stimulate energy points


Before And After Face Lift

Before And After Butt Lift

12 Treatments

Delfin Buttock Lifting Cups

With the Delfín lifting cups you can quickly change the shape of the glutes on your clients. They will proudly show a voluptuous and toned booty.

The internal spiral shape and size of the patented Delfín Enhancement Cups was designed to mold the buttocks in up to 50% less time than conventional treatments.

Cups in Upward Spirals enhance more!

Delfin Body Molding Cup

This cup has no equal and is widely used to define the waist, mold the back and to transfer the required fat to the buttocks in the buttock lifting treatment. In addition, you can use this cup in a “percussion movement” to tone the muscle and strengthen the skin.

The comfort of using the molding cup: With the ergonomics of this cup, you have to perfect grip to make quick repeating movements, and the guarantee of the least physical effort while doing the therapy.

Delfin Knuckle Cup

With the knuckle cup you can treat for the elimination of cellulite, lymphatic drainage and sports massages.

The knuckle cup prevents flabbiness without losing its effectiveness. The patented design of the knuckle cup, as a two-cavity vacuum hood crossed by a warped roller that, when in contact with the skin, only folds the affected tissue and facilitates the lymphatic removal of cellulite and toxins. Thus, this effective cup avoids sagging unlike the other options on the market.

Therapeutic Cup
with Magnetic Pin

The marvelous therapeutic cup allows you to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin of the face, breast and arms. It is also used for lymphatic drainage, relieving spasms in the back and is used for completing the shaping of the waist. Its technology also offers a magnetic pin, which adapted to the cup, allows you to level the energy of the body through reflexology points.

The versatility of the therapeutic cup:
The shape and size of this unique cup, allows you to access areas of smaller size or requiring a localized or punctual treatment. Its functionality makes it essential in any salon or SPA.


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